Wednesday, October 29, 2008

good night

6:30 p.m.

no naps = early bedtime

she fell asleep on my chest downstairs.

with addie, it took a story,

some back scratching, not rubbing or lightly touching, scratching. she is funny that way.

a little song, that i will have to share with you sometime. my parents sang it to me when i was little.

and she was out at the next snapshot.

good night my beauties.


Andrea and Blake said...

how nice to have early bedtimes, we had a late nap today so that equals a later bedtime... that Mother Nature's Farm is on Baseline between Gilbert and Stapley on the south side of the road. They have a website and they are open from 9am-9pm. I liked it because it was cheaper than Schneff!

Lexi said...

These are beautiful and such claming pictures.

tatum said...

beautiful pictures, beautiful girls! can't wait to see them today and YOU!