Tuesday, October 7, 2008

catching up........ saturday morning (awhile ago)

waiting to be canned

listening to feist, ingred michaelson and the weepies on pandora radio.

another good bountiful baskets. now,,, what to do with those eggplant???

new artwork. used the bag of treasures to stamp lovely shapes and colors of fall.

:::::random thoughts:::::

i am loving sleeping in my own bed. so soft and the sheets dont scratch my face like the 25 count cruise lines do.

as you can see,,, i have pictures, which means, my camera is unsick. i am so happy. i have so much to snap and show.

i started weight watchers again today. i am excited and scared at the same time. i love to cook and i love food. it has become a comfort thing to me. i eat when i need comfort. which explains why i am at my 9 month pregnancy weight. my goal is to loose 25 lbs. i would like to loose 30. but i would be ecstatic to loose 25. here it goes.

i have done some fall decorating. it brings a cozy feeling to our house, even though the ac is still set to 77 and it is still 98 outside. i am sick of wearing flip flops and would like to purchase, and WEAR a new sweater. we are welcoming cooler weather with open arms. i think i will make soup tomorrow for dinner. low cal, fallish and cheap. sounds good to me. :)

i am tired. a lot tired. good night.


jes said...

yay! you're back:) cute table cloth. i have an easy delish eggplant parmesan recipe.. you fry it in oil though, so i'm not sure about the healthiness of it! let me know if you're interested..

Erin said...

Your blog may be my favorite of all time, and I would NOT just say that! I love it so much. Can I just say, you are SOOO talented! I love your pictures.

I too am a comfort eater, but I'm realizing more lately that it really is a problem! So I'm glad that you just came out and admitted it because it makes me feel like I can too. Ugh! Why do I love food so much?

Lexi said...

glad you got your camera back. I love the artwork from the girls. I have been doing weightwatcher.com since the babies were born. I love it. It takes me forever to lose weight but I only have 20 left to go now! but they have some good recipes which still provide nice comfort lol.

tatum said...

I made Parmesan eggplant with mine. It turned out so yummy! I'm going to buy eggplant more often :) Your photography is always beautiful... now it is time to take our family pictures!!!!

Eric and Addie said...

i am so so glad that your back and that your camera is working again. i have been dying without your pictures and post.
good luck with weight watchers!! i should be joining as well but i keep thinking well after this trip after thanksgiving after christmas. you get the picture. blah!

Megan said...

you seriously amaze me. Your life looks flawless. I had to block my blog from some syco guy so if you would like to i can invite you to read just email me @meganollie@hotmail.com and i will add you to my list.

jessamyn said...

can i just say how much i love.love.LOVE that pictures of saturday morning. what a moment.
i don't know why, it just draws me in and starts a story.