Monday, October 20, 2008

raffle for a good cause

many of you have probably heard about Callie, (not my callie). She is the sister of a friend of mine growing up. Callie was ran over by a car in September. She is progressing well and the Dr.s have high hopes for her. Her sister, Ashley is holding a raffle, starting today, to help out with all the medical finances. I donated a list taker to the raffle. There are many other cute goodies to choose from.

it is for a good cause. go here to participate in the raffle and see more about Callie.


Lexi said...

maybe one day if we ever live close you can show me how to do this. I am not very good at sewing, but i might like to try if i was half as talented at it as you are

tatum said...

Those list makers are beautiful. So cute and so useful!

Poor Callie. I really hope she will be okay!