Tuesday, October 28, 2008

pumpkin this and pumpkin that

the one we picked.

thrifted mirror waiting outside for a fresh coat of paint.

going for it.

the slimy gunk.
me: addie what does it feel like?
her: squash
me: ya i guess it does. :)
(poor callie has been sick and was taking a nap during the pumpkin fun.) :(

she says shes making pumpkin pie.

me: what should we carve? something scary, something spooky?
her: no, a butterfly.
me: ok, butterfly it is.
daddy did such a good job!

carving pumpkins had to involve pumpkin cookies. they can never have too many chocolate chips.

p.s. i am trying to update my friends list, so if i never added you or if your blog address changed, please let me know!

double p.s. does any one elses child pull off the gum from under restaurant tables and chew it?

triple p.s. does any one elses kid yell over the fence to the mexican neighbors, " hola?"!!!! she needs to stop watching dora!


Erin said...

That's so funny about Addie yelling hola across the fence.

Jess said...

The pumpking "gutting" looks awesome. What a mess. As for the "hola", yeah we don't do Dora. We're bad!

Anonymous said...

That is the funniest thing that Addie yells Hola to the Mexican neighbors!! Oh my gosh that girl is totally your daughter!!

andrea said...

Great post! I want a cookie :) Love the butterfly too...that is so cute!

Cara said...

Pumpkin cookies look delish! You may have to share the recipe ;) I added you to my blog.

Teresa :) said...

Hi Jesica I love looking at your blog so sorry you have a strager blog stalking you. :) I just needed to say that the triple ps is freaking funny, and yes my kids like to quote Dora to much but luckily we dont have any hispanic neighbors at this time to offend when they do. haha :)

Lexi said...

just took some pictures like these too. i hope to post them today. have you posted the pumpkind cookie recipe to the blog yet? i would love to try that!

Lindsey said...

Cookies look so yummy and Addie is a hoot.

You can add me to your friends if you like.....www.royalsaints.blogspot.com, it is Lindsey and Jeff

tatum said...

Love the butterfly pumpkin. Can't believe you found that mirror! What a great find! Those cookies look delicious! Bring some on Thursday.

Addie is hilarious. She has such a great sense of humor and she doesn't even know it!

The Godoy's said...

ok...do you have a bosch?????

Jessica said...

yep launi, thats my bosch! i love it. my mom had one growing up and i wouldnt change it for any kitchen aid in the world! :) i got it for a wedding present from my grandma.

Madsen Family said...

The triple P.S. is hilarious. My niece and nephew are obsessed with Dora and random spanish words get into their English sentences sometimes. too funny.