Thursday, May 7, 2009

joes bbq

joes has some dang good bbq! and yesterday was customer appreciation day, meaning free meal to everyone! so of course we went.

you know how women have nauseous hormones while pregnant? of course you do. ya, i was only able to eat the beans portion of the meal due to those annoying hormones. they have the best baked beans EVER! and i had a little sprite to help my upset stomach.

as expected, callie ate a WHOLE sandwich, and addie nibbled on the meat.

beautiful day out. it was 96 degrees, which isnt so beautiful, but the beauty of the trees and the food made up for that.

until next year.......


Beth said...

One of those things where you are in the need of food, but nothing sounds good. I remember that (yucky) feeling. Hope you are over it soon! How many weeks are you now? And. . . we should get together soon!! I was thinking maybe the outside mall (Santan) sometime so the kids oculd play in the water??

andrea said...

I saw the sign for that today! Bummer...I love Joe's!!!

Hope you get to feeling better soon!

Lexi said...

my dad loves joes bbq. I am not a buge bbw fan, but maybe i would like it more than i did before. Anway, i am glad you were able to get a free meal instead of wasting your money on something you wouldn't eat and the weather looks amazing there!

cvsue said...

Thanks Jessica for sharing all the activities in your lives. The girls are so cute and we never get to see them, so this helps us keep up with you guys.
We love you....Sue and girls