Friday, May 22, 2009

back from vacation

and o, how i enjoyed it.

we went to Rocky Point. it was perfect.
my kids had the time of their lives.
they especially loved going out into the ocean with daddy. i wouldnt go, i have this fear of ocean creatures waiting to get me, and plus it was sting ray season... i only went in up to my knees.
this was the view from our room.

a favorite part of mine, when going to the beach, is walking along side of the water, looking at shells, feeling and hearing the waves. it was so great to do that with my girls. to see them picking up washed up crab legs, sea weed and broken shells and thinking it was the greatest treasure in the world, brought a smile to my face.

my children had no fear of the water.
callie shocked me, she would go out into the water up to her little neck.

[callie and cousin ellery]

lots more of mexico to come.
today i have laundry to do and produce to buy and rain to enjoy.
have a happy day.


Lexi said...

i didn't know you were going to Mexico, it looks amazing! I wish I was there laying out and having fun on the beach!

Ashley Madsen said...

The water looks so clear and the beach looks clean! What a fun vacation!

andrea said...

How fun, and what a nice surprise to come home to rain! I love how fearless Callie was with the water. Cambria was terrified when we were in California, I wish she would have done that!

We will be in a house on Tuesday, so now that life is getting settled lets really plan to meet up sometime! I need some good friends here, and I think the two of us and our kids would get along wonderfully :)

andrea said...

By the way, that first picture is amazing!

The Bates said...

I am so jealous!!! Oh how I am longing for the beach lately. It looks beautiful. Glad you made it out without the swine flu, haahh!