Wednesday, May 6, 2009

have you ever....

taken your kid to get an ice cream from the ice cream truck?
i was a little hesitant. the truck was parked in front of our house for a LONG time. and the same song playing from its speakers was getting stuck in my head. i thought, what the heck, grabbed a five dollar bill and sent her across the street with daddy. i felt much better about the whole idea with him being there. (and i admit, the fact that the driver was female and wasn't mexican put me at ease a little too.)
how does one decide?
we sat there for awhile while she tried to pick.

she wanted some nasty jelly candy that came in a tube. i coaxed her into the bugs bunny popcicle with bubble gum eyes, the one i used to pick when i was a kid.

perfect treat for a warm day.
she even go to give the lady the "cash". she was happy.
callie was taking a nap. she must be growing. but i cant wait till she wakes up and snuggles on my shoulder. major bedhead and all. she will likely grab a stack of books right away and say,
"read it. story. read it." :)


Erin said...

SO glad you are back blogging. I love this post. It brings back so many memories. I used to always buy the candy cigarettes and pretend I was smoking. I know. I was bad. Why do they sell those to kids anyway?!

Lexi said...

i used to get ice cream from the ice cream man all the time as a kid, but I haven't seen then since i have had children