Friday, May 8, 2009

keeping it real

beth tagged me with this fun post.well i dont know if it is that fun, it is revealing my dirty house:), just kidding, it really was fun. so here it goes....

1. kitchen sink

my sink half full of breakfast and lunch dishes needing to be loaded into the dishwasher.

2. Fridge
my fridge with a lot of left overs. a big jar of deli style pickles at the top, half gone, from me. need to go to the farmers market. canned peaches, homemade syrup and fresh jam. :) and the best yogurt, by the milk, Stonyfield Farm brand. soooo good. i like the vanilla with granola sprinkled on the top.

3. Toilet
this is the girls potty. like beth, it is rarely flushed , but lucky for you, it is:)

4. Favorite shoes

do i ever wear these shoes, rarely. but i like them. i am a flip flop kinda gal.

5. Closet

we have a big closet. we actually have 2 closets in our room. good thing, because our house lacks storage space. all of my canning, dehydrating and ice cream making machines up above.

marks side.

my side. mostly clothes that are too small that i dont want to give up on.

i think its time to do the laundry... but i think it may be able to fit a few more days worth on top.:)

7.Favorite Room

ok, this is embarrassing. this is my craft/sewing/computer room. let me explain.... we just got a new computer, explains the boxes and old computer all over the floor. 20 lbs of rice, wheat, sugar and flour in the corner that i am canning tonight. my sewing desk, covered in sewing projects that have yet to be done. shoe box on the desk full of earrings waiting to be sold and supplies ready to be made into earrings to be added to the shop. metal decor behind the ironing board waiting to be hung. all in all this is my favorite room, believe it or not. my favorite are my stacks of fabric and linens waiting for me to cut them up and sew something.

8. What are my kids doing right now.

playing with their little people and cars. they are bickering, but hey, they are playing together. i will take it.

9. Self portrait

this will just have to work. i am going through a chubby faced, emotional, puffy eye stage. so this works. :)

i tag, lexi, tatum, andrea, julie, and lindsey.


Beth said...

I loved seeing a glimpse into your home! It looks lovely, and so do you. ("puffy" eyes and all. :)

Lexi said...

This is a totally cute post, so I will have to go around snapping pictures for this one.