Saturday, May 23, 2009

as i mentioned before, walking the beach looking for sea shells is one of my favorite parts about the beach. it kinda runs in the family. my grandma smith has always loved to do the same. and she always seemed to find the most unusual rare shells. growing up i remember watching my moms silhouette far away walking the water line. she always came back with multiple sand dollars and unique shells.

[mimi and callie]

what else can i say other than,
it bring me joy.


Lexi said...

i just want to go on record saying, I wish it was me in mexico getting a tan instead of here still wearing a jacket lol

Beth said...

That looks so so lovely. I love the beach. I hope to go there soon! It's been too long!

Eric and Addie said...

man, that makes me want to pack my bags. what a fun time you all had. just wanted to tell you thanks for the earrings from caitlin. they are adorable. how is the pregnancy going? how far along are you?

marleigh's mommy said...

it has been so long sence i have seen you your kids are gettimg so big i love mexico anyways you have such a cute family well talk to you later