Monday, May 4, 2009

living room picnic

my girls are playing so good together recently. perhaps its because callies vocabulary has taken off, she is always talking. her and addie are able to have conversations and actually understand one another. it is so cute to me, them talking to each other. addie calls callie "sweet pea" all the live long day. adorable to me.

pictured is a picnic with the girls blessing the food. callie can say prayers now, all by herself. the other day she blessed our lunch like so:
heavenly fader,
bless food.
mimi. papa. grampa. grama.
i was so proud of her.

addie makes me smile with her imagination. she found this camera case in a drawer. she came to me and asked if she could use it as her lunch box. of course you can! i love to see what she imagines.

and i just cant get enough of this smooth, tiny, kissable neck. i am nuzzling her all day long. i just can get enough. i am so in love.

lastly, i leave with this very used doll at the indoor picnic. it has been addies favorite. i think she needs retiring,,,,,
or just a new hair dye job :)


Julz said...

I know sometimes we as mothers think we are unsuficiant. but it always good to here once in a while something positive about our job, so I just wanted to let you know you are an amazing mother you are soo good to your girls and you are always supplying them with fun things to do and activities. I wish I could be HALF the mother you are. YOU ARE SO GREAT!! I love you hess

Lexi said...

i love this, your girls always seem to be playing pretend, I love it! I wish my kids did that more

Taralee said...

AW, that little prayer is so cute. Brody will say it too...but you have to tell him what to say. She is such a little smarty!
That's so cute that they play so good together. That must be so awesome to watch.