Thursday, June 4, 2009

[pictured above]
addie and callies sunflowers that are planted in the garden and are about 10 ft high. they tower over the wall and bring sunshine to every neighbor, at least i hope.

many red ripe tomatoes
2 banana peppers
1 white onion
1 zucchini
and a big bunch of basil

i just picked a huge bunch of basil the other day and made pesto. yum a dum. i will share the recipe with you soon. looks like i will be making more. i have basil coming out my ears, which is a good thing!

did you notice my little bump?


Lexi said...

your baby bump is so cute and I am jealous of how much stuff you have picked! I can't wait for ours to grow into yum yum food!

Whitney said...

Awesome!! Your blog and pics are bomb-diggity. Aren't you so proud of yourself for growing those veggies in your own backyard! How cool is that! I'll follow your lead and attempt it next year. Good for you girl!

andrea said...

Love this post! I have some pictures I am posting with Devin's parents garden....we didn't make it this time around. Now it will be too hot! :(