Tuesday, November 24, 2009

christmas shopping

the boutique this weekend was a success and im so happy! mark was such a wonderful support to me through this. i dont know why, but these kind of things always stress me out. just putting my stuff out there for everyone to see, and hoping they like it, for some reason gives me major anxiety.

i have been wanting to make these rosette headbands for awhile now, and a few days before the boutique decided i would sell them. they sold like hot cakes! im so in love with them, the colors, how simple and sweet they are in your hair. adorable.

it felt really amazing to have friends and family come out and support me and all the other vendors. it was a really great event.

so great, that im going to vend at another boutique on Dec. 4th and 5th. come for a great holiday shopping experience. i will be making more headbands for the event and will have oodles of earrings to pick from.

hope to see you there!

thanks for all your support and love!



ashley broomall said...

i love those headbands! i have made some for myself for a while but i guess i am like you, too nervous to put them out for the public to see. silly huh.

Ryan and Chelsea said...

Jessica, I am so glad it was a success for you! I LOVE the rosette headbands! I think I may have to get one for myself at your next boutique!!

Whitney said...

Oooooh I need to get me one of them hotcake headbands! CUTE! I want to try to come to the next boutique! Love ya

shay said...

great job and so cute! where did you get the actual headbands? i'm looking for some better ones! i hope you make some holiday cash!

The Weights said...

I love those headbands! I am going to come friday right when it starts to get me one of those! I might have to buy other things too. I love everything you make! oh and your little man is so adorable. Congrats!