Thursday, November 12, 2009

this is so not easy... but i love them.

i have 3 car seats in the middle row of my van.

we went to the library this morning. ive never had so many people staring at me.
i had an old lady tell me i have my hands full.
i couldnt think of anything else to say to her other than, " yes i do!"
after she passed, i watched my little girls walking in front of me with a bounce in their step. i looked down and my son in his sling, wrapped up so cozy and grunting the way he does.
and the thought came to me,
i do have my hands full...
they are so full of love.


Beth said...

People tell me that eveyr single time I go out with all 3 kids. Get used to it. :) Just wait till they ask you if those are all yours. Or say, you're done, right? I'm just waiting for the comments i get once I'm more noticeably preggo. bring them on!

Mom said...

Yes Jess, your hands ARE full of love!!! And so is your heart!!! Your heart and your hands reach far beyond your 3 beautiful children. You a blessing to so many! Thanks for being who you are!
xoxo mom

Ashley Harris said...

I also have three car seats across, it's makes for a full back seat! And people always tell me that too - but it's usually because I'm looking a little overwhelmed, since I usually am at least a little overwhelmed! 3 kids is hard, but will get easier once your little man starts sleeping a little more and getting on more of a schedule.

That was a really sweet post!

andrea said...

I love this post, so true!!