Tuesday, November 17, 2009

feeling the crafting vibe

i have the urge to craft. it has been quite a long time since i have had that feeling, to be honest. but it feels good to put all worries and "to dos" aside and do something that makes me feel good and that lifts my spirits. so today i sewed with son on my lap, in my craft room, listening to some good tunes. just like old times.
now where did my thimble go because my finger is killin me!
ps. dont forget about the boutique i will be vending in this saturday! fun fun!
check out the site to get all the info.


Lexi said...

sometimes we need a little break, even if it is while the baby sleeps on our laps

ashley broomall said...

crafting. baby in lap. best of both worlds!

andrea said...

I love that photo, so precious! I've missed my blogging buddy! Glad to see what you are up to!