Tuesday, January 18, 2011

rain or shine.

monday was fun.
we went to the park and played in the sunshine. marks brother and sister brought their families to join us. we ate pizza and then headed to the mall. that night we snuggled and read books. we put the kids to bed and then me and mark snuggled in our comfy bed and read our own books.

tuesday, today, i was summoned to court to be selected to be a juror. there were 50 of us to start with. in the end, they picked 12 jurors, me being one of them... for a 3 day trial. not so happy. i dont mind the process, and i would love to be a juror again sometime. but not when my kids are little. they can have me all they want when my kids are grown. mark has to work, and i am struggling to find people to watch my kids. well not struggling.... i have a lot of friends who are willing to help,  i just hate feeling like im burdening people with watching my kids. and to be honest, i miss their guts! i hate coming home, eating dinner and then sending them to bed and not seeing them at all. im so glad i am able to stay at home with them. to teach them and to hear and see all of the things they say through out the day.

mark was the greatest today. when i got home he had made smoked pork roast in his new smoker, mashed potatoes and HOMEMADE BREAD! you heard me right! im so lucky to have him. he is seriously so good to us. he is the most selfless man i know.


i love him. i love kissing him and hearing the kids say , "ewwww! gross!!! not on the lips!!!" but at least they know we love each other and know that we are there for one another.

i love my family,  through the easy and fun and family days. and through the long and hard and apart days. they are my life. my loves. my dears. my sweets.


Chels said...

Love this. I'm going to do this tonight. I wish that we had home made bread... mmm... that sounds lovely. And Mark. Kudos to you. Good man.
Love you Jessica. You are my role model. I'm shutting our TV off today, canceling Directv. I'm going to make a better change. I look to you for example ;) .

Cody and Danica said...

maybe its the hormones but your post got me all choked up. your such a sweet mom.