Thursday, April 7, 2011

last weekends iphone pictures

im a little behind on everything. getting ready for 2 boutiques and trying to keep a household and all of my motherly/wife responsibilities have taken up a lot of my time. which is the way it should be, right? maybe not the boutques, but all the other stuff.  it is a good kind of busy though. im am defiantely loving life right now.

here are the iphone pictures i snapped of our weekend. we enjoyed conference weekend with family and listening to a prophets voice. it was reassuring thats for sure.

+ sunday breakfast +
creme brulee french toast with caramel syrup, ham & OJ.

+ morning kisses +


+ conversation +


+ frozen yogurt +
we love yogurt jungle. i can see us visiting there many times this summer.

+ organized sewing room +
it rarely looks like this.
my supplies are usually ALL over the place. i would like to put some shelving up where the bulletin board is and put baskets of everything up high so my kids cant reach it.

+ washing eggs +
i share my eggs with a friend down the street. we are getting so many eggs these days.

+ granny glasses +
i got to spend time alone with my mom. it was fun and rejuvenating!

+ girls were playing with my phone and taking pictures of everything in their room. the photos of them are pretty hilarious. +


dont forget that tomorrow is that last day to enter the giveaway.
i would also love to see you at the boutique on friday and saturday!
happy day to you.