Saturday, April 23, 2011

sweet tooth fairy with an old friend? yes please!

i was sooo excited to see an old friend while in utah! she has lived there for awhile and its been a longer while since ive seen her. we went out to lunch and chatted it up. afterward she introduced me to sweet tooth fairy. me and sweet tooth fairy, we got along just fine. :)



i have had some great times with Jennifer. we grew up going to the same church ward. we were in the same class i think in, well, maybe 3rd grade?
we got a ribbon on our science fair project we did together in 5th grade.
some other memories i have of her....
listening to and belting Enrique and Shania in our beater cars all around town.
drinking dr. pepper and eating jalapeno hot dogs from circle k.
helping her to the nurse when she broke her arm in 6th grade.
taking day trips to flagstaff and getting lost in the middle of the reservation. 
getting ready for stake dances at her house.( i thought she was so cool because she had a bathroom in her room. lol)
driving to her house and ditching sunday school.
wow, i am having floods of memories running through my head right now.
and most of them are just laughing until i cried or peed my pants or both.
we had such fun times together.
i miss her infectious laughter and hilarious stories.
im so glad that i keep in touch with such good friends.
you know.... the kind that know you.
know everything about you, your family and who you are.

anyway... it was so good to see her and i was so sad to say good bye.
but it wont be the last visit we have.
it just makes me excited for the next one.



TrevnMe said...

You had me laughing out loud at all our memories! Remember Enrique?! To this day, I still think of you when I hear his sexy voice boom over the radio!
Thanks for taking time to catch up with me. It was so fun, and much needed! I love seeing all your posts of my neck of the woods. It's pretty darn beautiful up here, isn't it?
Come visit again!