Sunday, May 8, 2011

.moms day.

my day started in the wee hours of the night last night. callie caught a yucky bug and was up all night in the bathroom or with a giant bowl next to her side. i let mark take care of her for a bit. after a while, and sensing his frustration and being tired i got up to rub my little ones back and tell her she was ok and then soothe her back to sleep, time after time.  i wanted to make my "baby" feel better. i wanted to take away all of the hurt she was feeling. i wanted to calm her spirits and have her feel safe and loved. i truly felt the feelings of a mother.

i awoke early to get ready for our church service at 9 a.m. took my shower and came out to my other little girl and my son standing with toast and chocolate milk (that addie insisted on telling me right of the bat that she made herself) and a little box. the little box held a necklace that the kids picked out at the boutique with the word mom on it.  i hugged them and told them "i loved it!" and that i loved them. 
then they took me downstairs to show me a new Vitamix! yay! (mothers day and anniversary gift in one).

the rest of the day has been very busy and hectic. with sick kids, going back and forth from church and switching duties with mark. but i have had time to remember all of the women in my life, my mother, my mother in law, my grandmothers, my friends who are mothers and all the women i know who are aching to be a mother. motherhood is wonderful and amazing.

i love and adore the children who made me a mother. who give me the opportunity to fulfil gods plan for me.   i love the man who loves me enough to "assist" me in become a mother, and who is my partner in raising our little beauties. im so overjoyed to be able to share that with him.

those are my thoughts.
here are some classics of me and my mother. enjoy.
i must go see what my little ones are creating with the scissors and ball of yarn they just snagged from my craft closet. hopefully not a new haircut! :)






ps. mother, i love you!


Natalie said...

Your mother is beautiful, just like you! :) Happy Mothers Day, Jess!

Chels said...

love your post. :) happy mothers day Jessica. ANd you'll love the vitamix! Green smoothies here you come! The fondue is great too. Try the white chocolate cheesecake one when you have a chance (if it's not in your book, I'll email it to you!)