Monday, May 9, 2011

.weekend iphone photos.

callies legs in the dressing room.

bubble bath.

addies school concert.

how to keep a kid entertained on a sunday afternoon, when they wont stop telling you how bored they are?
give them a ball of yarn.
seriously, you will not hear a peep for at least an hour.

kittens or bunnies, not sure which. it changed a million times.
and again, a sad callie. she does not like her picture taken so much.

date with mark included a steak house ( i got to pick for mothers day), and barnes and noble.

here is a book i found that i added to my long list of  "to reads",

what im currently reading during quiet time and bed time,
not really sure if i like it or not yet.

tea time.

spent most of the day today outside. it was gorg!
this was my view.

our weekend got cut short. it usually goes from saturday to tuesday but mark is making up for when we will be gone for mexico next week.
i am SO excited.
i know some of you may have your opinions on going across the boarder.
we will be ok.

and here is me with the cool wind in my hair,  a big zit under my lip and watching my babes play in the sand.


Britney said...

i LOVED the glass's different but so so interesting. hope you like it!

ps your mexico pictures are such a tease - i can't wait to get back!