Saturday, May 21, 2011

.muy bein.

make a gif

we are back from our week long trip to mexico.
all i can say is that was some much needed relaxation.
im working on getting all of my pictures loaded so be ready for a lot, and i mean A LOT, of beach pictures.

a few things:
my house is taken over with suit cases, loads of laundry and sand toys.

we got home yesterday afternoon. we unloaded everything and mark packed a second bag. the boys headed for the hills for "Father and Sons" to go camping. us gals had a girls night. we went to the library, picked up a pizza and red box and vegged out.  this morning we woke up and hit some yard sales, went & went to lunch. it was a great time with my girls.

my tomato plants are going crazy! tons of little cherry tomatoes to devour.

im not looking forward to regular life again. i could have stayed at the beach for a few more days.

addie graduates from kindergarten this week. whaaaa?!

what am i going to make for dinner???