Saturday, May 28, 2011

.sister talk.

these girls are 2 years apart. sometimes i wonder if they even like each other.  ive been having a really difficult time with them as of late. they argue, fight, hit, argue, tattle on each other, fight, whine, cry, fight, argue, argue & fight.
fewwwww.... get the picture?
it makes me so sad ( and frustrated ) when they are constantly at battle with one another. i grew up with 2 brothers. i wanted a sister SOOO bad! all of my close friends friends growing up had sisters. every one of them. i was envious of them. i still get sad sometimes that i dont have a sister. i have really close girl friends, but nothing can match the love that sisters have for one another. i wanted that so bad growing up, and i want that for my girls.

when i see my darlings fighting all the time i tell them, " mommy didnt have sisters when she was little. she had to play with boys. she didnt have someone that wanted to play house, dolls, dress up, pretend, or fairies. so be glad that you have a sister! love each other! be bestest friends!"

but deep down, i know i cant force them. i know they love each other and that they will not always agree. i just want them to like each other. i want them to get along.... you know. i just want them to be happy and to be friends all their lives.


Betsy said...

Don't worry eventually they will. I have a sister I fought with clear up till I went to college now we talk all the time and actually love each other(we are 5 years apart). My cousins are closer in age(2years)and I think that helps, but they are best friends, they got tight when they were in Junior high and realized they could understand each other better than their Mom could. To this day one lives in Colorado and the other in Idaho and visit each other(with all their kids) all the time and call all the time. So be patient and look towards the future.

Ashley Harris said...

I have the same feelings about the twins! I tell each other how lucky they are to have a best friend, someone their exact same age, to always have a buddy. So so fun! But they fight and bicker and tattle, everything you just said. I got to the point, right after Griffin was born, that everytime they came to tell on each other, I would say "I'm out of it. You work it out yourselves. If you want a happy home then it's up to the two of you to make it happen. But as for me, I'm out." I just couldn't be referee anymore! I have too much going on!! They actually have been better since I have taken myself out of the equation since so much of what they do is designed to get my attention. Sorry for the longest response every, but I feel for ya! We should get our families together this summer, we love you guys!!

Cody and Danica said...

sisters are the best and tara and i didn't realize this until after she had brody. maybe it was when we worked at torreon together but our relationship really grew when we both grew up. we tolerated each other and all but there were times where we both called each other the b word and told each other "where to go". (maybe even multiple times). somehow we eventually grew up. your girls will too.