Tuesday, June 7, 2011

wallow fire

there is a fire burning some of the most beautiful forest in arizona as we speak. 

the wallow fire has burned 311,000 acres as of today. it has left homes ablaze and wildlife fleeing. the pictures tie my stomach in knots. this prime land is very close to my stomping grounds as a child. we camped and took day trips to that forest many times. it is a beautiful place.  now it, along with many homes, is burning, because of careless people not being responsible with their campfire.

the pictures and stories bring back my memories of being evacuated back in 2002 from the Rodeo-Chediski fire. memories of packing our belongings and leaving the town. seeing the red and orange glow of smoke completely covering the sky overhead. watching my parents help at the shelter. seeing all the people sleeping on cots with their families who are possibly homeless. coming home and not knowing what to find. the feelings of helplessness. not being able to do anything.
a prayer is in my heart constantly that the fires will stop and that homes will be spared.


Kim and Tyson Family said...

So sad!!! Tyson's parent's home is on the south end of Eagar and they were evacuated tonight. He went up there to help load some of their belongings in his truck. It is so scary for them and others who might loose their homes. I can't even imagine the feelings they had as they drove away from their house. They could already see the fire coming.