Friday, January 25, 2008


{fed the ducks at the park.}

callie had her first swing ride!

i am exaughsted and going to bed early! good night


Kendyl said...

hey you silly girl.. i cant find her email on her blog because i cant get into her blog!!!!! ha

Jordan and Amy said...

Your girls are adorble! Are you still in the sherwood park ward? Found your blog on britney's. And wanted to say hi!

Bethany said...

hi jess, it's bethany day! How are you! Your girls are SO gorgeous and your photography is amazing! You really are gifted in many ways. Hope you don'tmind me sneaking on your blog, I always thought you were SO funny and wanted to see what you were up too. Take care!

Lexi said...

callie looks so adorable in the swing. It looks like she loved it!