Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kids Club

dupers grand entrance

addie loves thursdays!!!
Duper day!!!

this is Duper the prairie dog and his side kick,
Persephonie ( if you ask me, she looks like the witch off of
Sleeping Beauty!!)
at kids club, they dance and sing. they get to ride the carousel at the mall for free and get a free lunch. it really is fun. addie loves it! ( i cant help but notice that Persephonie needs to go up a size in the pants department!)
super dee duper!
as addie would say


tatum said...

Auh Kids club! I am so glad that is where we met! I look forward to Thursdays every week. That Duper scares the crap out of my Peyton, but then again, we are always forcing our children to have fun!

Ulibarri Family said...

I wish we had something even remotely fun for kids here. Then maybe I - I mean the kids -wouldn't be bored all the time!

Lexi said...

This is so fun. Thanks for inviting us while we were there this summer! The kids loved it.