Friday, January 4, 2008


my cousin, Britney got married today.
Erik and Britney Bassett.
Britney looked absolutely gorgeous!
she had me take some informal,candid pictures of when they came out of the temple.
its great for me to get my practice in.
if anyone wants to me to practice on there kids or family, let me know! i really need it. practice , practice, practice. just keep in mind that no promises of them turning out and looking FanTaStiCo! :D seriously let me know!

we love you britney!

Congratulations Britney and Erik!


tatum said...

You do such a great job! Seriously I was gonna ask you if you would take pictures of Peyton and Chloe. I will pay you. We also could use a good family picture too. We'll talk.

Meagan said...

We love the pictures that you take! Maybe you could practice on our family sometime!

Lexi said...

these are cute pictures, i love her dress too

Blake & Andrea said...

You can take pictures of Ashlyn anytime, just let me know when you feel like doing it! Besides we need to get together anyway, I've never met your baby... you do such great work!

Ashley said...

Hi. My name is Ashley Harris, your husband and my husband work together - I just met your husband last night when he came to dinner with my family and he gave me your blog address. He's such a nice guy - my mom was all worried about him because she thinks he is too nice to be a cop! I told her that not everyone is as ... well, jerky as my husband! ;)

Cute blog! Adorable family!! I am so impressed with your pictures. I'm almost embarrassed now about the pictures on my blog that I have taken because they are so low quality compared to your photos! I'll blame it on my old camera! Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself, hopefully we'll be able to meet sometime and we'll talk all about how fun it is (most of the time!) to be cop's wives!

Ashley said...

Sorry to post again, but I forgot to give you our blog address. It's

Britney said...

Jess!!! The pictures look great!! Can you send me a cd with them?? That would be super awesome :) I hope you are doing well! I miss you guys!

1010 Massachusetts Ave. Apt #52
Cambridge, MA. 02138