Thursday, January 17, 2008

good morning
todays checklist:
  • kids club @10 oclock. be on time!!!
  • lunch- chick fil a with tatum /eat yummy chicken
  • get girls and myself home for a nap
  • play outside and enjoy the wonderful weather
  • make a yummy homemade dinner
  • get girls to bed@ 6:30
  • finish sewing skirt i started
  • get to bed early...lets hope


Lexi said...

I think you are so funny! I wish we could enjoy the weather. It has been so cold and rainy all week. I can't wait until April when it gets really nice here.

tatum said...

Auh - That sounds like a nice day! Can I come back for the skirt part?!

tatum said...

Thats a really cool picture by the way!!!!! So creative girl! What are you making for dinner? I need some ideas!

Jaime said...

Yummy Yummy Chicken!!! Hahahahaaha I miss that...

Ashley said...

So which kids club do you go to? I've heard they are pretty fun but we've never gone - I'm lazy like that. Actually I don't have a decent double stroller and I'm not brave enough to try the mall by myself with two wild two year olds!