Monday, August 17, 2009

addie starts preschool

i have to admit, i got a little choked up after i drove away from Mrs. Marnis house. Addie was thrilled! She was fully dressed and ready to go at 6:30 am. she wasn't nervous, scared, shy or hesitant. she was excited to meet new kids. she has always been this way, so i guess i wasn't surprised. callie was sad that she couldn't go with sister. she wanted a backpack and snacks. but we had fun, just callie and me. i haven't ever had one on one time with her. it was nice. i enjoyed it very much.

my mom wrote a poem for addies first day of preschool.....

Away She Goes

Away she goes , this little one,
out the door to have some fun.
Off to places we can’t go,
learning things we’ll never know.

Away she goes , to find her place,
with sunshine splashed across her face.
She’ll brighten every persons day,
with sweetness spread along her way.

Away she goes, so full of love,
she is a gift from up above.
Music flows from her sweet lips,
And kindness from her fingertips.
[addie and her teacher, Mrs. Marni]
Away she goes, this little one,
out the door to have some fun.
With angels by her side each day
To guard her while she is away.
M. Walker
**my mom has an amazing talent that very few people know about. writing poems. it just comes to her. i have many other poems that she has done that i hold dear.


Beth said...

Happy birthday to Addie!! How fun, a busy week for that girl. She is the cutest.

Tatum said...

That was beautiful! What a sweet and thoughtful Hope Miss Addie had a great first day of preschool!

Lexi said...

fun to have her in preschool. where is she goin?

Erin said...

I love this poem! It made me tear up reading it and thinking about my own growing girl. Thanks for sharing. Your mom sure is talented! I can see where your creativity comes from.