Monday, August 24, 2009

fundraiser event

the fundraiser turned out to be a great first boutique experience. it started out with high winds and all mechanise scattered on the ground,,,, multiple times. i almost packed up and went home before it even began. but my husband was amazing and held me together. him and his brother helped line up all the earrings and string them together so the wind wouldn't take them away. sweet boys i tell ya.

my lovely assistant addie had a ball playing cash register.

i met some awesome local etsy artists, TipandFifi being one of them. her shop is down right now while she adds some goods, but when it comes back up, you have got to check it out. she has some lovely items!

and thank you to everyone who showed up and said hi! thank you to my family and my sweet husband who helped me during the event and for their support. i love them.


Ashley Madsen said...

I love it! I was planning on coming but got super sick. So sorry. Glad it went well!

The Van Fam said...

i love my earings! it was so fun to see you!

Lexi said...

i am glad you posted this because dave has been asking nonstop if you did well or not. he was curious. then i reminded him that us alone paid your fee lol, so surely you must have done ok!

Lindsey said...

Your booth looked adorable! It was good to see you guys, you have a beautiful family! The girls are getting so grown up! Can't wait for your little boy to arrive!

Tatum said...

looks so great! I am so proud of you! I wanted to come so so bad. I am still mad at kyle that he chose to go golfing instead until 8pm! That little stink!