Friday, August 14, 2009

you have to try this!

husband and i love thai. a little more than usual lately. i crave it! we go to the Thai House on Power and Southern. we both love the Gang Ka-Ree. (i am salivating). it has chicken, onions, potatoes, carrots, curry, coconut milk, and some hot and spicy :). pour some of it over rice and, delish! i have yet to attempt to make it. it is by far THE best thing i have ever eaten.
** tell us about the best thing you have ever eaten, maybe share the recipe if you've made it, or tell us the restaurant you had it at.


shay said...

okay. so thai is my absolute favorite! i'm finding out we're having even more things in common:) when i lived in austin, i atetat my favorite place at least twice a month. my favorite is massuman curry and of course pad thai. i do have a good recipe for pad thai, but i have yet to retrieve it from my sister. when i do, i'll send it your way!

i hear ya on the pregnancy cravings! thai is all i ate after i got over the morning sickness!

Beth said...

The best food that I have eaten is always made by my husband. He makes delicious food. Some of my favorites are his butternut squash burritos, cheese and spinach enchiladas, and corn chowder. Or course we eat his amazing home made bread everyday. Yeah, I am spoiled.

The Baum Squad said...

YA! We love Thai food. We are so going to the Thai House. Thank you. Thank you. Have you been to Mountain Thai in Pinetop? We love their noodle bowls.

And no....we have yet to eat anywhere better than Eva's in Snowflake. :(

Is there any other place I should really know about? Could you start a "if you live in the valley, you should go here" series of posts?