Tuesday, August 4, 2009

cherries and giggling in my kitchen

yesterday i stopped by the farmers market for my weekly produce. i couldn't pass up the ripe cherries that were a steal of a deal. i walked out with 7 lbs for $3.00. i had an idea to dehydrate them, what a yummy,healthy snack for my kids. the ones you by in the store are outrageous but o so good. so i sat down at my table with my almost 4 year old. she de stemmed. i pitted, by hand. it was messy. there was juice on the floor, wall, blinds, clothes, bodies covered in juice. but i love being with my children in the kitchen. so hectic at times, but so fun and worth it. we giggled and talked to pass the time.

the fruits of my labor, not so worth it. thinking back i should have made tart cherry jam, or a cherry pie. maybe i will have to go back and get more. :)
lesson learned, if at first you dont succeed, try, try again.


shay said...

too bad they didn't turn out, but at least you have a fun memory and cute pictures! (i promise i will email you soon:)

andrea said...

They look good....just not a lot of them right? Oh well! I went and got some today! The way we eat them I don't know if I'll need to can them or do anything! Thanks for mentioning the deal, I am so glad I didn't miss it!

Lexi said...

wow jess you belly is super cute!! and how ambitious of you to stem and pit 7lbs of cherries! well next time will be easier right?