Saturday, August 8, 2009

the pod swaddler and a new favorite blog

i came across this lovely gals blog and fell in love with all the tutorials she had available. i splurged and bought the pod swaddler tutorial from her shop. i made one for a dear friend who is having a baby boy....

it is already to be sent to her. i used a tag similar to the ones i have for sale in my shop.

and of course i had to make one for myself. this pattern was so simple and easy. the second time around i didnt even need to use the pattern and it took me maybe 30 min. i have since made the car seat canopy, and have plans to make some let warmers, fabric shoes, and this darling little handmade fish toy.

i cant wait to see his cute little head popping out of it:)

these would be great to make as shower gifts, thats what i plan on doing.
go and get a pattern for yourself . :)
happy sewing!


Julz said...

I love you hess, Your the best Friend I have ever had!

Taralee said...

Those are fabulous designs. You always make things seems so easy and fun. I'll give it a whirl.

Chels said...

I went to your shop, thrilled that I may be able to buy a pod swaddler from you!! I mistakenly thought you have IT for sale in your shop, not the tags. If you add it, I am already a buyer, I am a terrible sewer, and I have a 2 month old, so like I could actually figure it out anyway!! lol! If you want to make another, I would love to buy it from you!