Monday, February 15, 2010

bits of vday

morning breakfast.
daddies shirt.
bed head.

hand stamped flowers made at preschool.
whole wheat heart pancakes.

hiding fridge.

chocolate overload.

chocolate monster!

tell me , tell me what little things lit up your valentines day?


Chels said...

ours was pink eggs.
a new toy to play with.
messes galore. that we did not clean up.
red church dresses.
and lots of hugs and kisses exchanged.

dont you love valentines?

Mimi2four said...

sorry about the chocolate :0
I am fully responsible for the chewy gooey mess that was drooling out of callies mouth and all over her clothes! But really, I think that is what grandma's are for. . . right?!!!!
xoxo mom