Tuesday, February 16, 2010

noticing things

the trees are blooming.

ready to be sent.

ready to go "out".

desert bounty.
in daddies arms.
beautiful day.

life has been challenging recently. go figure, 3 kids under the age of 4. they have been trying lately. the girls are constantly fighting and crying and whining. they dont say thank you, they are extremely sneaky, addie has been lying... a lot. it seems as if we need more sleep, but they wont sleep, even if i gave them $5.00 they wouldnt sleep. walker is a fussy baby. he likes to be held, constantly. if he isnt held, he is screaming, a high pitch scream. which is frustrating to say the least. i cant hold him all the time. frustrating. im sure you all have experienced what im telling you. im sure you have felt the emotions and feelings of a tired mother. i need positivity in my life. people and things that are positive. or i break, i buckle. i have been working on finding beauty all around me. finding joy, even when i hear screaming, or crying in our home, i try to see beauty. im constantly trying to notice the peaceful, calm, ahhh moments. through music, scenes from the car window, my children's happy little voices, where ever we may be . i woke up this morning, did my work out, took a shower and i could tell it would be one of those days though, a hard, slow day. i was (am) so tired today. so i knew i had to find joy around me to get me through this day. i kept my camera close to capture those ahhhh moments to remind me that life is good. life is full of joy. there is beauty all around us.
so to leave on a positive note,,,
a few more images of our day that brought a smile to my eye....
dinner at the park. a beautiful sunset, perfect weather. happy, beautiful faces.

p.s. how do you keep positive in this crazy world???


Fullerton Family said...

Oh dear, I could have written this word for word. These are challenging times for us, aren't they?? I wish I knew how to stay completely positive all through the day, but I'm not sure how. I wish we lived closer, then we could meet up at the park sometimes! Good luck!

shay said...

oh girl, i feel your pain! i have cycles where life feels perfect and motherhood just flows. and then it all turns upside down and i just want a break! i'm in the latter cycle as well so your not alone. it'll pass, but meanwhile keep finding that beauty~!!!

ashley broomall said...

when my parents were at pch with callie i remember one day while she was still in a coma i was talking to my mom on the phone and kind of started complaining to her about how gage was acting so wild and clingy and it was making me crazy. all she said to me was "i would give anything for callie to be wild and clingy right now." ever since then it seems like handling those difficult days has become so much easier. when i feel like i'm about to lose my mind i remind myself to be grateful and thank heavenly father that they are capable of the things they do and they are whole and healthy. when i look at them in that light it's so much easier to find love and patience, and sanity! :) i hope today is a good day for you!

Swasey family said...

I read your blog always I LOVE it!Let me just tell ya do I feel your pain...I have 2 set of twins...the boys are 3...and they CONSATNLY are fighting..sneaky..don't mind one bit...Then the cailey & Cooper twins...are 5 months my little boy is a angel!!Cailey is a princess, ALWAYS needs held, constant attetion, which i hard when you have WILD 3 year olds.There are many days that I just wanna cry.I love my kidos and my life & would not change 1 thing.But it makes the days much easier I think knowing we are not alone, and knowing that there are so many other moms out there going through & feel the same way makes it easier.It seems this past months have been days like this for me.

The Van Fam said...

what a cute post (like always)... i know what you mean though, being a mom is the toughest yet most rewarding job ever. when michael got home today i just looked at him and said "i'm done for today". your post was inspiring! it is so great to remmeber to find the beauty in everything. i posted a quote on my blog recently that was kind of similar, about finding joy in the journey. life is easier when we remember that!

Tatum said...

Reading your blog helps me stay positive. You are such an amazing inspiration to me. I'm so lucky to have such a great friend.

Katie and Aaron said...

Sometimes it helps to know that you are not alone in this, sadly enough I was secretly relieved when I read your blog to know that other mom's have the same struggles I do! Being a mom is definitely the hardest, best thing ever!!! Sometimes a little prayer in the morning asking for strength to get through the day really helps me :) Hang in there!!

Brianna Avery said...

You are seriously the most positive gal I know! I love reading your blog because it leaves me thinking happier thoughts! Trust me my days have been not so fun pretty much every day as well. I keep trying to make it minute by minute!