Tuesday, February 9, 2010

some random thoughts and priceless photos

i am so inspired by this time of year. the weather is gorgeous. we played outside all day today. all day! the stresses of the holidays are over. i really feel like this year is such a growing one to me. i want to be who ive always wanted to be. my weekly goals have really kept my mind positive and on the right track. i truly want to be better. and i cant be better if i don't try. i cant be idle. i need to fill my life with lovely things and people. this month is so special to me. my grandma passed away in the month of february. i am reminded of her and how i want to be like her. i have so many people that i love, that i care about. especially my kids and my husband. i love them so so much.
i don't know where all that rambling came from.
forgive me.
here are some sweet moments of my girls in the (soon to be made over) kitchen on sunday morning. we made valentines for some of the people we love.

we will be taking a trip to the post office today to drop them in the box.
how are you celebrating this month of love?


Lindsey said...

cute valentines! i love little kids art work it always make me smile. this time of year is one of my favorites too, so refreshing.

Britney said...

i love love love callie's bedhair...the BEST!

jes said...

so sweet. love the hearts hanging down and your hutch in the corner! i'm looking for one of those! cute.