Wednesday, February 24, 2010

mr. chubs

mr. chubs had a dr. appt. today. he got shots.
ive been looking at this sad face all day.
there has been cuddling and holding and rocking and feeding, trying to make this mr. chubs comfortable and happy.
doesn't seem to be working.
maybe a walk outside will help, or maybe we will just be disturbing the neighbors with his high pitch cry.
maybe a warm bath?

i wanted to mention...
mr. chubs is 18 lbs and in the 95% for his height and weight!
his numbers are the same as that of a 6 month old.
mr. chubs is 4 months old today.
mr. chubs is chubby!


Brad and Jamie Porter said...

Oh he is soooo cute. Poor little guy:(

Tatum said...

That is the cutest chubby baby and onesie I have ever seen!

ashley broomall said...

super cute! chubby babies are the best! but maybe i'm partial since that's all i know. :)

Our 3 sons...... said...

Ahhh theres something about them being still so small that when they cry like that it's so dang cute! Of course knowing why they are crying after a shot always kills me!

Mimi2four said...

I think you are going to have to come up the mountain and let mimi try to make it all better! :)
Sure miss you!
xoxo mom

RiChArd and MeReDitH said...

he is so adorable. I hate the shots. I hate that they are so happy and then they look right at you like it is your fault! Sad! Noah did ok with his two month shots but the 4 month shots really threw him off for a couple of days. Don't know why. good luck...enjoy the cuddling while it lasts