Friday, February 5, 2010

fun never ending

mimi came to town to visit us for the last few days. it was non stop fun.

picked out new dresses.
wore new dresses at the mall.
went to build a bear.
played at the mall.
got ice cream.
went antique shopping.
played late night games.
ate more ice cream.
did crafts.
ate more ice cream.

all photos via mobile upload

now im ready to pass out from having so much fun.
thank you so so so much mimi!
we love you!

2 comments: said...

ahh...makes me miss my mom. Its so sweet when you grow up and you get to share your own babies with your mom. Cute dresses.

Beth said...

sounds fun! Cute dresses. I would love to order some clips. Maybe 6 pair? I trust you on the fabrics/colors. You have great taste.