Wednesday, April 14, 2010

child labor

there is a ghost that keeps opening the chicken coop door and letting the chickens out. and of course, the chickens never go in the grass... they want to stay on the cool porch and poop. so i tell the girls that when the "ghost" lets them out, they have to herd them up and put them back in the coop themselves. it isn't easy and is quite the task, not to mention entertaining to see two little ladies holding sticks, chasing chickens around the yard.

come to think of it... the ghost hasn't showed up and opened the door in awhile!


Chels said...

that is sooo funny! Guess you figured out who the ghost is! But your little missy looks so cute as she rounds the chickens!

Tatum said...

That is too funny! Looks like your chickens are getting big!