Friday, April 9, 2010

you are free to fly.



:::we are working in our yard today. cleaning up house. maybe hit up the farmers market. addie has been begging me for watermelon. i am hoping me and the mister can find a way to go out tonight. hmmmm, thai again. i will never get sick of it!
what do you do/where do you go when you have a hot date?


Chels said...

we are all about sushi... the nicely fried/cooked kind. not too raw for my hubby. Japaniese lasagna is wonderful if you are feeling sushi-ish... mmm... try it sometime.

And we are hitting the temple tonight and a dinner... don't you just love any excuse to get out with the hubby!?!
The girls are adorable, love the pinwheel. The weather has finally decided to give a little spring... ahhh..... enjoying that too!

Mimi2four said...

Lately our "dates" consist of eating at dads office. . . how romantic. . . NOT! :) But come April 16th, we will probably eat out at Red Devil and maybe catch a movie upstairs at home. Sometimes we go to dinner and then go to friends and play games. We need to do more of that! Problem is, we are "old-ish" and we don't do the late night very well anymore!

Beth said...

we love trying new restaurants. there is a delish thai place on main (in downtown mesa) called nanthaporns. I know the name sounds horrible- but it is really really good.

Swasey family said...

we had a day date to the temple today very nice & spirtitally uplifted!