Thursday, April 22, 2010

things i love about my garden:

1. being in it, picking a random weed, seeing the progress made from the day before.

2. that my kids beg me for a carrot or a pea every day.



3. the lizard that has made our garden its home. im sure it is eating up all the bugs. thank you lizard.



4. the carrot top that popped up in the green onion section. reminded me that the girls help me plant this garden. they probably dropped a seed. we planted this garden together, with eachother.


5. its yummy, pretty, calming, and makes me happy.


ps.... ive been so busy this week. like, soooo busy. i have so many projects, activities, meetings and looking forward tos its starting to overwhelm me. but it is marks weekend, so i plan on relaxing and taking a bit of a breather. maybe a movie at home, some window shopping, maybe icecream. my anxiety lowered just thinking about it!

a relaxing weekend to you!


Tatum said...

You gotta show me how to garden, when to start, and what grows good here. Love these beautiful photos and I had so much fun on Monday. You're a gem of a friend. Fun and always inspiring.

Beth said...

gardens are the best. i wonder if eating too many green onions will effect my milk?? they are just so good!!

Caitlin said...

Im dying to do one this year. Way to go. It looks so beautiful and yummy. I remember going to your parents garden with you and eating a few peas back in the day...

Lexi said...

we just planted our garden... late i know, but my kids LOVE it... laycee especially... we had to get her flowers to plant because she keeps going to the garden and "helping" us lol

Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

Got to love the garden! Im glad nic has a green thumb my poor plant inside is barely holding on to life haha!