Friday, April 16, 2010

in 1 week

i came across a blog (& now i dont remember where) where a girl posted a picture of her and what she wore everyday of the week.. i did the same thing this week. it tells a story of what happened, our comings and goings, what my mood was. but promise not to laugh... promise?? i am horrible at picking out clothes for myself. i like to keep things simple, i am a mother of 3 for goodness sake, so a tshirt and jeans or skirt is my first pick.
so, here is to horrible bathroom lighting, hauling my dirty, old mirror that ive had since high school all around the house, phone cameras, pony tails, and the real me.

Saturday: date night with friends.

Sunday: church day

Monday: drop off addie and school and run errands.

Tuesday: morning at the park

Wednesday: cleaning, laundry, that kind of stuff.

Thursday: no picture... walker was crabby, one of those days.

Friday: made jam, took walker to the doctor(he was fine), its friday!

have a most lovely weekend!


Sarah said...

Whatever! You are so freakin' cute! You are ALWAYS adorable!

My Family said...

Hello!! You are so stinkin' pretty!!! Love your clothes, you are always so put together...and it always looks fab.u.lous.!!
and I might try this and that would be a good laugh :)

Beth said...

you are adorable. i love that idea! cannot wait to wear normal clothes again!!

Swasey family said...

SO pretty!It will inspire to get dressed more.I usually am in my VS pants & a tshirt braless :) YOu are such a cute girlie!

Tatum said...

I love this! You are so CUTE! I hope I get to see you today.

Chels said...

I love this idea!
Except, I'm in PJ's at least twice a week... well, I am now actually. Your so cute! I love the yellow shoes with your jeans, cute cute style! love the skirts. Us in hot weather know the value of a skirt that can have a little breeze! LOL! Im going to totally copy you! Next week I am going to do this post.

shay said...

you're looking so skinny girl! way to go!

Brianna Avery said...

You always look so put together and cute! I love your style! It reminds me that I need a SERIOUS MAJOR overhaul done to my wardrobe! Maybe you should come and show me what to wear!