Thursday, December 20, 2007


my daughter discovered the inside out pool in the backyard filled with rain water! immediately she was taking her clothes off and running toward the pool! it is DECEMBER!!!!

she didnt want to get out!!! it was dirty and freezing!! she loved it! i was worried she was going to get sick so i took pulled her out of the thing and dragged her inside!

reminder: empty pool!


Blake & Andrea said...

that is too funny, she is hilarious! I hope you are writing this stuff down on paper! Ashlyn hasn't done anything like that yet but she did find her nose - and she tries to pick it... yuck! Merry Christmas

The Van Fam said...

Haha that's hilllarious!! What a cute little girl! Lets get together sometime! I am in town now!

Lexi said...

That is so funny, my kids wouldn't dare get in water that had dirt in it, especially if it was cold lol.

Jaemi said...

LOL, oh my freezy girl. How cute.