Friday, December 7, 2007

such a wonderful day

she is

what more can i say.
Addie was so happy today. it was so wonderful. i think she only had one breakdown, which breaks history! :D she sang the barney song all day long. which normally i would be going in sane! but she only sings the part, " we're a happy family, great big hug, kiss". direct quote. it really makes me think, we are a happy family and i want to be a happy family. and i want HER to know we are too. we did a craft today together and made rolls and homemade turkey soup to the music of forgotten carols, on this blustery day. i really enjoyed being with her. she didnt want to turn the tv on once. which is truely amazing. our house was so peaceful and there was love here. i really had a great day.


The Van Fam said...

She really is so adorable! You are very lucky with two beautiful girls! That apron is so cute! Willyou make me one?

Jess said...

ya. for trey or for you?

Lexi said...

She is so cute. She is so photgenic too. I love looking at pictures of her cuteness

tatum said...

That is weird that she was so good because Peyton was yesterday as well. She was so pleasant to be around. It was so nice for a change! Addie is so cute and BEAUTIFUL! You are a happy family! Kyle bought me some clothes on Etsy and I got him a t- shirt. I would of bought stuff for the girls but some things can't guarantee shipping before Christmas. I could spend hours browsing on that site! I don't know what to get Chloe and Kyle as well. Peyton is so easy to shop for! Good luck.

Jaemi said...

She is really beautiful. Both your babies are the cutest. I love when my little ones sing. My 7 year old has sang since she came out and loves making her own songs up. We sing in my house ALOT. Would much rather have the radio on then tv, I understand that.