Tuesday, December 4, 2007

once again......

i am a boring person and have no clue what i am going to say....

1. i need to loose 30 lbs (no joke people, you dont see me naked!!! i really do!!!)
i watched the show the biggest loser tonight and i feel sooo guilty and fat right now!!!

2. i am a cowgirl at heart and think i should have been one! i love rodeos and country music, country life. i would love to have a cow someday. and lots of land. hey... my husband already says "yawl" all the stinkin time!! :D

3. i am thinking of crafts all the time!!! i have a million started.

4. i LOVE photography. it is my passion. i dream of being good enough and comfortable enough to do it professionally someday. every thing i look at, i think of it as a picture. i love capturing life. that second of time on a picture brings floods of memories. i just LOVE it.

5. i have worn my hair in a pony tail for the majority of the last 2 years. seriously! no joke. i have like a permenant pony line! :D sad, but true!

6. i have a mole on my left arm that was huge( i got it removed but it is growing back.eww, i know!) anyway, in high school, my friends called it a rasin. and threatened me they were going to pinch it off with dental floss.... gross!! i am trying to think of ANYTHING here people!! :)

7. speaking of high school... funny story. i played volleyball and we had a tournament in payson and my boyfriend was there, my family, and grandparents. alot of people were watching and we were warming up... well i had to go to the bathroom real quick. so i ran and did my thing and came back and hit and got back in the line of my teammates to do it again, and my friend was laughing histarically at me and pulled a huge ol line of toliet paper off my shoe!! sooo imberassing! everyone saw me go up and hit with this toliet paper gliding off my shoe!!!

i tag....
whit, kendyl, meagan, karolyn, danica, ashley, and heather


tatum said...

You are so funny! I love the permanent pony tail! I do the same, it is very rarely I wear it down. And the cowgirl thing, you are too cute. Sad to know your not as weird as me! Come over when ever your ready! I am extremely embarassed I don't even have one Christmas decoration up! We will have to go to the park or something.

Lexi said...

This was funny to read. I think the ponytail thing was funny too lol. Whenever I go get my haircut the cutter always comments on how I wear my hair up to much because it causes breakage mid head.