Thursday, December 6, 2007

good morning

look at those blue eyes! i have always loved it when kids have the wake up eyes. when they are puffy and big. something about it is just so adorable to me!
we are going to kids club today and the kids get to wear their "jammies". lets see if we make it on time today!?
good morning!


tatum said...

YAY! For jami's! Hopefully I remember correctly and I'm not making it up! See ya there!

Jaemi said...

Hi Jessica. I wanted to tell you your children are beautiful. I'm not a stocker, (-: I am a cousin of Marks and now yours. My family lived with Grandma Adams(Chapman) for a while and I was at the Higbees home quite a lot. Hopefully I get to talk with you more and keep the families close. Love from us and wishing you a very Merry Christmas.
Jaemi (coleman) Pottruff
I have a blog also if you would like to see my family.

Lexi said...

Your pictures are always so perfect! You really have a talent. I have taken similar pictures to these and they don't turn out near as well. Anyway, that picture of Callie is so cute