Wednesday, December 12, 2007

happy birthday mark!!!

he has come a long way! he is so stinkin cute, then and now!
by the way all of these are pictures of pictures, so please excuse :D

he definitely has a cowboy spirit.

(he went to Texas on his mission)

he is the youngest of ten, so ya gotta give him a round of applause! (it amazes me that none of them look the same!)

he is the smartest person i know! thank heaven, for our children's sake! he has a 3.92 GPA, i am bragging, yes!! really i am just jealous!! he is so ambitious and is good at anything he does! and whatever he chooses to do in life, whether it be law or law enforcement, he will be great!

is a great daddy and loves and takes care of his girls so much. he has spent many nights rocking and comforting, sick sleepless girls! me included!

and has tried on many lip glosses, played tea parties, dress up, horsey, groom(addie was the bride). he is going to hate me for that!! :D

he is the best husband and is there for me every min. of the day, even if he had only 4 hours of sleep in 3 days (which has happened many of times!) i dont know what i would do without you mark! you are the best companion. we have made it through so much together and i am so glad you are mine!

and i must say.. he is very good looking!
we love you o so much!


Jaemi said...

You are such a sweet wife. Happy Birthday Mark. Man, that first picture brings me right back to when we were little. I'm glad he found someone sweet and you all make a very cute family.

Amy Ulibarri said...

happy birthday "little" bro. Man, we are all getting old!!!

Kendyl said...

happy happy birthday!!!! You'll prob have to tell him that for me, cuz i doubt he gets on the blog and checks it out.. :) maybe!! anyway, i hope you guys get to go and do somethign fun!!!
I dont know what we aer doing for karsyns. we are planning on going to the valley this weekend for a fam christmas party, so we might try to do a little somethin something....!!! I dont know, its hard trying to think of that and all the plannin!!! i might do a princess party or something here tomorrow, we'll have to see if i can throw something together.
anyway, have a wonderful day with your hubby... or is he schoolin or workin

tatum said...

Happy Birthday Mark! I don't believe he came from that family! They really look nothing a like! We are excited to go out with you two this evening! You should bring your suits so we get in the hot tub afterwards. Does Mark have to work tonight? Your mom watching the girls at your place or yours? The missionary pic is hilarious!!!

tatum said...

I am retarted.... her place or yours? Call me!

Blake & Andrea said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK..... you have such a cute family! Merry Christmas!