Monday, December 17, 2007

rough morning

oh and just for the books... i am only having


tatum said...

Me too! Got my hands full with these 2 girls why would I want to make it any harder on myself.

Amy Ulibarri said...

I don't know Jess, I don't think it is that much more work with 3. I was alot more stressed and tired after Collin than I am now.

Jaemi said...

I am done at two also, but we decided that when I knew I was having a boy. LOL So I thought one kid was hard work. LOL Sorry it's been a rough day. Hope tomorrow is better.

Kendyl said...

SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAVE HAD IT AND ARE READY FOR CHRISTMAS BREAK!!WO HOO~! You are not really only having 2 kids are you?? :) I will call you tommorow and chaT WITH YA.. sounds like you need a rest. You can mail those girls to me!!(i can feed callie!) ha ha

Lexi said...

Don't worry, this too shall pass, at least I hope so because that is what I tell myself every day. But I agree with Amy, I thought it was worse to have 2 than 4. My problem isn't the 4 kids either, it is the 2 babies. Don't worry, this is the Lords way of saying, no more right now, when it is time to have another, you will have forgotten all about these horrible days, if not, I would have stopped after Haylee!