Tuesday, September 1, 2009

30 weeks
letting my hair air dry today, too hot for the blow dryer.
same jean skirt. its comfy and cool...er.
addies self portrait on the mirror. makes me smile every morning.
big belly, lots of contractions, having one as we speak, very uncomfortable.
still no name.
very anxious.


Lindsey said...

Oh your belly is so cute!

I know what you mean about the name game- it will come, I think we were back and forth with names until right up till ryan was born.

Hopefully it starts getting cooler!

Beth said...

Hope you can get comfortable soon! I'm excited for you! We had a hard time with boys names too. . . hmmm. We just have very different tastes when it comes to boys names.

Anonymous said...

how about Henry, Bob, Charlie, Hank, or mayyyyybe . . . . . Walker? Still our fav!!! :) xoxo mom

andrea said...

Oh you will have that baby soon and feel much better! Hang in there, and try to relax! (haha) Baby names....have you tried looking way back in your family history? I love doing that to spark ideas for names! You'll do great! Oh and I wish I could let my hair air dry....it is a sight to behold when I do. ;)

Tatum said...

You look so cute!! Those 30 weeks went by fast! Can't wait to meet the little fellow.

Lexi said...

you look adorable. austin, cooper, jackson, jaden, elias? What names are you thinking of?