Thursday, September 3, 2009

on the day i turned 25 i,

ate a piece of chocolate at breakfast, dark chocolate.
i listened to music in my kitchen from my new ipod deck.:)
i didn't feel guilty about taking my time getting ready for the day.
my house got tagged with a pink flamingo in my front yard from the pecan grove ward girls.:)
i enjoyed a wonderful lunch with good friends and good conversation.
i laughed so hard, multiple times, with my hubby. so hard it gave me contractions. needs to happen more.
we got a babysitter and enjoyed some delish thai food. im talkin good!
i browsed the mall, at night, with no children. weird.
i restocked my perfume for another year. clinique happy, what else.
i came home to happy kids.
i snuggled them and put them to bed.
i am loved, and i love my family. it was a good day.


Ashley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I need to remember that your birthday is so close to Matt's. It sounds like THE PERFECT DAY! See ya tonight!

Julz said...

Dang my Hyde I am so mad! This whole year I couldnt wait till your birthday cuz it was so easy to remember. It is on the same day as my dads Birthday, and of course I forgot. I blame it on having children, does that count ;) Anyhoo Happy Happy Birthday, I love ya friend. Im glad you had a good day.

Tatum said...

Happy Birthday!! I thought about you all day yesterday. Sounds like a great day! When are you guys going to come swim?? I don't see you enough!

JRay said...

sounds like a perfecct the pic of u and mark!

Lexi said...

Happy Birthday and it sounds like a wonderful day!