Monday, September 21, 2009

where have the children gone?

the girls have been playing so well together. i can leave them alone in the other room and let them entertain themselves. its nice (except for the mess, sometimes they are partners in crime).
today i heard cries coming from upstairs, "COME FIND US"!!!! very urgent cries. i followed the voices and they led to the very small, tight linen closet.

i open the door and found 2 very crammed girls eating saltine crackers.

you silly girls!


Kendyl said...

how fun.. i love when those moments take place.. they are actually having fun together.. wow, those are rare around here, but since karsyn is in school, when she comes home, miley is soooo excited and is dieing to play!!! SO... what is the countdown lookin like for baby?? do you have names??

Lexi said...

that is great! I love times like these, especially since Laycee and Logan sometimes play together and communicate now too