Monday, September 7, 2009

blustery morning.

i awoke to thunder. i opened all the doors and some windows and let the cool cool breeze in.

we pulled the galoshes and umbrellas out of the garage and got a little wet.

it all ended with some serious ground shaking thunder that made the girls' eyes pop right out of their heads.
so we ran inside and watched it drizzle from the window.


Mimi said...

Oh my girlies, that looks like so much fun! Someday I'll have to play in the puddles with you! Can't wait!! I don't have golashes, but maybe I can wear sandles. Miss you and Love you!
xoxo mimi

The Van Fam said...

so cute! i love those pictures! trey was playing in the rain too but with no umbrella, shirt off and no shoes, thats a boy for ya!

Ashley said...

You got a lot of rain! After keeping the kids inside most of the morning, I finally gave up and told them to just go play in the rain. They were thrilled!! Seriously - why fight it?! Oh, and they were in swimsuits because it was so warm!

andrea said...


Lexi said...

these rain pictures are totally cute, it rains so much here, i just let the kids run free and clean them up when they come in lol